Spiel:  EF 
 Datum:  02.05.2010 
 Matchtyp:  Clanwar 
 Gegnerischer Clan:  UTG| - United Tactical Gamers 
 Spieler eigener Clan: -=[SMC]=-BauerRobby
 Spieler gegn. Clan: Merik
 Ergebnisse: -=[SMC]=-UTG|
 Voy2: 02
 Spyglass:  1  0 
 Stuk2:  0  2 
 mapel4:  0  0 
Spielbericht von [oNe]Myth:

I was requested to admin this match and as no one has posted a match report, I felt like I should do it. :P

uTg line up: Merik, Sephtan, Stif, Cola, Failed, Mac

SMC line up: Cro, Shinzon, Robby, Bobby, Dark, SKK, Blizzard

Sorry if I missed anyone. Hard to remember everyones names!

First off, there were some arguments which lead to us changing server 3 times (Meriks fault), playing stuk2 and mapel4 twice because uTg didn't have correct settings (Meriks fault) and for just being lame, Meriks fault.

(All bashing at Merik is just for fun :P)


First time it was played, it ended 0-0. Both teams did exactly the same. 3 defenders, 1 mid/attack and 1 attack, no one actually seemed like they wanted to win this map. Second time it was played, uTg attacked more and it paid off as they won 2-0. They seemed to have learnt from the first time around whereas SMC only put Dark in attack instead of defence which wasn't enough in the end. Well played uTg.


First time it was played, uTg won 1-0. They took a late cap at the end and held out. It was pretty much stalemate most of the game. Second time round it was 0-0. Both sides had good chances. I would say uTg had SMC on the back foot and was in control more times than SMC was but SMC held uTg attackers off well but neither team could bring home the bacon and get a cap.


uTg was more dominant here. Both teams played well and SMC had some good chances but just couldn't finish. uTg won 2-0. I'd say it was down to Dark and Stif and who would give way first.


Finally, a map where SMC would dominate for once. They pushed forward a fair bit and got the most jammy cap ever within the last minute to win 1-0. uTg held very, very well but was just very unlucky to concede at the end.

MVP goes to Stif. He made all the difference for not only uTg but for the entire match. Both teams were very equal and played nearly exactly the same at all times. If it wasn't for Stif, I think I'd still be in the match right now watching draw after draw after draw :|.

GG (I guess)

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