Spiel:  EF 
 Datum:  10.10.2010 
 Matchtyp:  Clanwar 
 Gegnerischer Clan:  UTG| - United Tactical Gamers 
 Spieler eigener Clan: -=[SMC]=-BauerCrazy
 Spieler gegn. Clan: UTG|Sephtan
 Ergebnisse: -=[SMC]=-UTG|
 Stuk2: 00
 Voy2:  4  0 
 Moonstone:  3  0 
 Tru:  8  0 
Matchbericht von [oNe]Myth:

I'm only doing this at request! I had to admin this match again...

SMC line up: Dark, CroNeo, CroAsh, Crazy, Robby/Bobby(?), Shinzon

uTg line up: Merik, Valmont, Sephtan, Mike, Stif (oh wait! He wasn't playing!!! Surprise!!!)

Stuk2: 0-0 Draw

SMC attacked and failed. uTg attacked and failed. Some camping went on. Both teams failed to score and it ended in a draw. Nothing new ever happens here so theres no need to go into detail.

Voy2: 4-0 SMC win

Mike did a good job of attacking here. Even though he couldn't get a cap, he kept charging at the SMC defence and kept pressure on. Valmont and Sephtan held out for aslong as they could in defence and did pretty good in my opinion. SMC proved to be too strong and they soon capped one of the other. Merik was useless here! Thought I'd add that! :)

Moonstone: 3-0 SMC win

This map is huge. It's a complete mission from one side of the base to another. Even though I wasn't playing, I could see how frustrating it was to attack on. SMC did will to get 3 caps here, especially how both teams had 2 base campers at all times. uTg did well but just couldn't support eachother when one of them had the flag.

Tru: 8-0 SMC win

Firstly, I'd like to just quote Shinzon who repeatedly said this to me in msn. "8 caps in 4-5 minutes!". Apparently this is a big achievement for them. Anyway, Dark did all the work. He camped in the middle and the other SMC just walked in and out. uTg were helpless to stop Dark and it was a shame for them to lose like this, considering how well they played in the other 3 maps.

Overall SMC had dark and uTg was without Stif. It would've been a much even game if Stif was there or Dark wasn't.

GG to uTg for trying their best while SMC coward behind Dark.

Man of the match: Mike for his consistent attacking and few key flag returns.

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